Where the locals brunch…

Where has the traditional charm of having a long boozy brunch in small pretty un-matched plates under a skylight, gone? Well, you will find it here at Sadelle’s. New York’s hangout for celebrities and the locals alike. As with most Major Food Group’s restaurants, getting a reservation at Sadelle’s is almost as hard as getting your child into a New York Private school. But of course I’m relentless and a true foodie, so I finally made it to the most sought after time slot at brunch. After all, being a local New Yorker should have its perks right?

This over the top brunch place is a breakfast lover’s paradise. I’m not sure if I should start with the maple syrup drenched fluffy pancakes (some of the best I have had) or the Bloody Mary on adrenaline, or with the insanely romantic tower of food that they bring to you to make you feel like royalty. I’ll start with the Bloody Mary 🙂 I’m not usually considered a snob of any kind, and will eat or drink anything that fits my dietary needs. But I’m most definitely a Bloody Mary snob! I have had to put up with watered down types to the bland and not-so-bloody types. Finally I found the PERFECT Bloody Mary ever made, and surprisingly not from the conventional stuff that it should be made of. Their secret will remain a secret, and I’m fine with that as far as they keep bringing it consistently.
Having said that, the food was simple, but divine. The fresh produce does the trick that even a simple Greek salad was to die for. Did I mention that the aroma of freshly baked Bagels, cannot be missed either!
If you are a local or want to visit a local NY City brunch spot, this is the place to be. So start emailing them for a table now!

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